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From global breakdown to breakthrough


Whether we’re ready to acknowledge it or not, the pandemic was a catalyst. It served us up an opportunity to grow in critical ways beyond what we were used to. And right now is the pivotal moment when we who decide we are ready, will use this transition to move towards individual and collective transformation. Looking beyond the expired appeal of just exponential growth and step into the power of dimensional growth. We will utilize this global breakdown to breakthrough. Because impact is no longer just about inspiring people by what you do, it’s about showing others what’s possible by growing into who you are meant to be.And we, the leaders have the exciting task of going FIRST.So as you decide how you want to emerge out of this, the meaning you want to take from it, the new standards you want to set, recognizing that if not now, when? The question is no longer who you need permission from, the question is WHO’S GOING TO STOP YOU?IT’S TIME, are you willing?





Shine and Rise: Authentic leadership for 21st Century Leadership

The world needs you to shine—to lead with your own unique leadership voice. And there’s never been a better time to rise—within your team, your company, and your community. Adversity invites leadership. In the next three years we will see that those who shine will rise, and they’ll bring others with them. Are you ready to shine and rise?





The 7th Annual Young Professionals Summit is Eugene’s premiere, one-day conference that focuses on helping YPs activate their curiosity, discover new ways to grow personally and professionally, foster connections, and dig their roots deep into the community to initiate positive change. Join other young professionals for a day of exploration, fueled by inspiring keynote speakers, insightful panel discussions, motivating change-maker sessions, and opportunities to connect with the leaders of today and tomorrow.
This year’s theme is ‘Breaking Through’. We want to see our Eugene Young Professionals advocating for themselves – asking for deserved raises, prioritizing their mental health, getting involved in our local decision-making, joining a board, running for office – and connecting with each other to build meaningful relationships. Breaking through old labels and stereotypes placed on our generation! Our goal is to encourage YOU to identify that breakthrough moment or (even better) trigger one during the conference to be part of the change you want to see!




Raising Venture Capital

Nathan Lilligard | University of Oregon

This introduction to entrepreneurship will cover the basics of the process from idea to company. Topics covered will include: ideation, finding problems worth solving, testing your hypotheses, identifying the minimum viable products, understanding the market, and financing your venture.

Judgement Calls: Understanding Decision Making

Malia Martin | Lane Leaders

Making decisions is an essential part of managing your projects, your business, and relationship building. Knowing how to discern your decision making is the key takeaway for this talk. Malia will share her life experiences in multiple roles, and share the value of taking you time to make decisions. The goal is to build self-trust and comfort in your ability to make decisions at work.

Overcoming Homelessness in Lane County- All Hands on Deck

Panel moderated by Brittany Quick-Warner | CEO, Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce

Very few community members are surprised to learn that Lane County has one of the highest per capita homeless rates in the country. We didn’t get to this place overnight and we know we are not going to solve this crisis in the coming months, but we must do something as a community to support the more than 4,000 unhoused individuals living in our county. In 2021 the Eugene Chamber reached out to over 200 community members to understand this issue at deeper level and to try to understand where we can go together. After issue their State of the Homelessness Crisis report in fall 2021, more than 100 business leaders have come together to move this issue forward. Join us in this session to learn how we got here, where we are making progress as a community and how you can play a role in helping to reduce the number of individuals living on our streets.

Creating Leaders With LES

Panel moderated by Paige Sharpe| Director, Business Development & Partnerships, Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce

Leadership Eugene-Springfield offers community leaders a chance to learn more about the area, gain leadership skills, and build connections. In this panel, we’ll check in with past graduates and steering committee members to understand how the program impacted their personal and professional lives, what’s changed since gradutating from LES, and how attendees can benefit from this program.




Get to know six local nonprofits that are making big impacts in our community, how you can get involved, and more. Centro Latino Americano, Community Supported Shelters, HIV Alliance, BRING Recycling, Nurturely, and Positive Community Kitchen will share what their organizations are working on and what services they provide to the community. Attendees will also have a chance to ask questions and connect with them throughout the day.




Engaging Boards & Committees

Panel moderated by Kianna Cabuco, MBA

Have you ever wondered how to join a local board or steering committee? The panelists in this session understand what it takes and are ready to share their experiences – from volunteering with the Eugene Young Professionals to running for school boards and more. Attendees will gain insight as to how to take the first leap (whether they’re an introvert or extravert), finding a cause their passionate about, and what it means to get involved at any level.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, My Self Reflection is at a Stall

Damien Pitts| Assistant Director of Student Organizations and Diversity Outreach, Lundquist College of Business

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, My Self Reflection is at A Stall
I’m an Ally! But are you? (Insert marginalized group) Lives Matter? But do your actions and reactions exemplify that? Let’s rid ourselves of the catchphrases and buzz words, and look inward to determine if you and/or those around you are an asset or a liability in the fight for positive change. Honesty is the only currency accepted at this presentation.

What's Wrong with Being Confident? Pitch Yourself

Kali Kardas| Performer

How do we find the confidence to pursue our dreams? How do we push past our personal struggles to find strength, both inside and out? Kali will share her professional journey, offering transparency in her struggles and successes to encourage and inspire. Key takeaways include tangible resources to build confidence, and simple techniques to empower individuals to find the
confidence within.

Taking a Creative Break

Panel moderated by Kelly Johnson| Executive Director, Arts & Business Alliance of Eugene &  J.C. Geiger | Author & Storyteller

 Hiring managers often list creativity as one of the top 3 most in-demand skills. But how often do you consider working on your creative skillset when considering professional development? This breakout will explore how you can nurture and develop your creativity by tapping into the expertise of local artists. Be ready to engage in interactive activities to work out your creative muscles!



Running for Office

Samantha Roberts | Director of Business Advocacy, Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce

You have big ideas and a passion for your community. You’ve been described as a leader and you have innovative ideas to help make Eugene and Springfield be a better place to live, work, and play. Maybe you’ve served on a Board of Directors, led an organization, or volunteered your time to a cause that’s meaningful and you’re ready for something more. Well, have you thought of running for public office? Join local elected leaders and moderator, Samantha Roberts with the Eugene Chamber of Commerce, and dive into the why, how, and what behind serving public office at various local and state levels. Bring your inspiration cap – our community is ready for YOU to lead us into the future!

How to be a transgender ally at work?

Cass Averill, President & Co-Founder of Transponder

Do you want to help create an inclusive and affirming environment for transgender and nonbinary people in your workplace but don’t know where to start? Come chat with Cass Averill, co-founder and president of the board of TransPonder – a transgender support, resource, and educational organization organization based here in Eugene, and learn some strategies for what you can do to be a better ally and support person to your transgender and non-binary coworkers. This talk will focus on providing supportive actions you can start taking and advocating for right away.

Good to know: Using economic data to get ahead in your career and improve your community

Henry Fields | Workforce Analyst, Oregon Employment Department

In these times of constant economic change, how do you learn about what’s happening in our economy? More importantly, how do you use the information to help grow your career and create the change you want to
see in our community? In this interactive session, you’ll learn more about how to find the information on competitive wages, local demographics and economic trends, and how to
use that information to
advocate for yourself.

Trusting Your Gut & Setting Boundaries

Amanda Joseph | The Worthiness Witch, LLC 

The ability to set and hold boundaries is a skill that all independent adults need. We use boundary setting to strengthen our relationships with ourselves and others. This is even more powerful when we use our intuition to guide us in setting boundaries. Participants will learn about the two types of boundaries and how to let their intuition guide them to living a more satisfying, empowered life.

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